7 Things to do this Summer

Long summer days are upon us here in Austin which means having more time to enjoy all the great things our city has to offer. We can all get stuck in our daily routines and opt for binge watching a Game of Thrones instead of getting out and about. Below are 7 ways to change up your night-out routine.  



  1. Day trip to Hamilton Pool
  2. Thursday night social bike ride
  3. Walk and talk around Lady Bird Lake  
  4. Movie at Alamo Drafthouse, Violet Crown or Ipic  
  5. A new restaurant you have never tried
  6. Wine Tasting or Mystery Ride on the Austin Steam Train  
  7. Cooking Class at Whole Foods or Thai Fresh 

Sometimes it is difficult to try new things. There always seems to be an excuse to not go. “It's too hot” or “it will be too crowded.” Whether you want to try something out with a friend or your partner, keep each other accountable and agree on no excuses.  

Here are 5 open ended questions to ask one another while you are out and about.



  1. What is your most embarrassing moment?
  2. What is your favorite novel?
  3. What food do you hate the least?
  4. Do you have a secret ambition? What is it?
  5. What are two of your aspirations, hopes, or wishes?