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Do you feel unhappy with your physical appearance?
Has it been a while since you had physical exercise?
Are you having issues with motivation after having a baby?
Is menopause changing your body?

In today's world, so much emphasis is being placed on physical appearance. When our own bodies don't match up with societal standards, it can cause a huge drop in self-esteem and confidence which in turn can affect so many areas of our life. I can help you begin to love and accept your body while implementing a nutritious and active lifestyle change for you to reach your goals. 

What we eat greatly affects every part of ourselves. When we eat whole, nutritious food it can lower our risk for illness and disease, it improves our immune systems, energy level and overall well-being. Learning and implementing these changes alone can be overwhelming. I am here to help you sort through all the conflicting information you get and get you started on a healthy lifestyle.  

Physical Activity
It is no secret that exercise is nature's antidepressant. It has shown to decrease depression, anxiety- as well as reduce risk for cancer, diabetes, and other depilating illnesses. Most people know this but have a hard time doing it.  And that's okay! There is always time to start engaging in activity and being in Austin, there are a ton of fun ways to do it.