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Learn about our counseling services that we offer to women and couples in Austin, Texas.

If you feel stuck, down, lonely or dissatisfied with life or your relationship, you are in the right place. Seeking counseling and support can help you begin making the changes you've always wanted. Together, we will work to help you become the most whole & happy version of yourself.

Learn about how our Austin counseling services can offer you that place to process, vent and continue to grow.  For the third year running, we were voted as one of the best Austin Mental Health Professionals by the readers of Austin Fit Magazine.

Only by facing, embracing and overcoming the challenges we’ve endured can we build the courage and strength of spirit- individually and collectively.
— Casey Lepper

Women in Early Adulthood

Are you stressed about your career path? Is dating or finding a healthy relationship challenging for you? Are you having a hard time becoming independent of your family?

Adulthood & Later in Life

Are you thinking about starting a family and concerned with fertility? Are you feeling the emotional and physical changes related to menopause? Is aging negatively affecting your self-esteem? Empty nest making you feel lonely? Are you facing a divorce?


“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Healing, awareness and understanding can occur on many different levels; through the mind, through the body and through the soul. The first two are more easily acknowledged by most but the latter can impact us profoundly. Find out how you can unlock deeper understanding about your true nature. 


Is there something missing in your relationship like trust or good communication Do the same problems and arguments keep coming up? Has there been a betrayal or an affair?

Mind Body

Do you feel unhappy with your physical appearance? Has it been a while since you had physical exercise? Are you having issues with motivation after having a baby? Is menopause changing your body?

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