Women in Adulthood & Later in Life

Learn about our counseling services in Austin for women in adulthood and later in life.

Are you thinking about starting a family and concerned with fertility? 
Are you feeling the emotional and physical changes related to menopause?
Is aging negatively affecting your self-esteem?
Empty nest making you feel lonely?
Are you facing a divorce?

Times of transitions can be hard to handle, whether you expected them or not. It can be so difficult processing your emotions when your schedule is busy with work, families or other responsibilities. You deserve to have a safe space to talk about the challenges and changes. Counseling can offer you that place to process, vent and continue to grow.

We wait longer to have children these days and thanks to advances in medical technology, we can. That being said, the financial & emotional costs can be overwhelming and unexpected resulting in stress, tension in the relationship and anxiety. 

One of the most stressful events that can ever happen to a person. You are not only losing someone you once loved, you are losing any feeling of stability. You have to deal with physically, emotionally and financially separating from someone creating a cloud of anxiety and questions. 'How will I make ends meet?' 'Who will get full custody?' "How will I be able to live alone?' While divorce can cause anxiety, depression and feelings of loneliness- it can be used as a fresh start to a new future. Take the time to fully heal and grow into your whole self.

Self Esteem
Self Esteem is always a factor in our lives but it can especially be affected during this time of life. Maybe you haven't accomplished all you hope to or you aren't feeling as physically attractive as you once did. For whatever the reason your self esteem is suffering, it is important to fight the negativity about yourself. Negative thought patterns bread depression, anxiety and poor confidence. There is so much more to life than picking yourself apart for what you perceive you lack.
Loneliness brought on by divorce, death, empty nest or any other life circumstance is a horrible feeling to hold in. To feel like you have no one to turn to for support or empathy can jumpstart you into a vicious cycle. You feel lonely so you begin to further isolate yourself. You may stay home, avoiding social contact with others only to make you feel worse. Please don't stay in this pattern. No matter what point of life you are in, you can find ways to grow your personal and social life so you never feel lonely again.

Empty Nest
The kids are out of the house and now you feel stuck and confused what to do next. You have put all your time and energy into raising your children then once they're gone, you feel like there's a major void. Not knowing how to spend your time or what your next purpose is can feel saddening. However, it can also be an amazing opportunity to become reacquainted with yourself.

You aren't alone in feeling lonely, confused or sad. Everyone feels these things sometimes but it is important to avoid staying in a negative place for long. Negative thoughts and feelings can be virus like and quickly spread over many parts of your life. It is okay for you to take the time and work on yourself to become whole.