3 Quick Tips to Improve your Sex Life

This post is related to the previous post: Sex Life Quiz. If you took the quiz and found yourself below the 80% mark, below are some ways to improve.  

Sex can be a special, intimate time between you and a loved one. It is quite literally a display of the connection between mind and body. It can enhance the emotional union, feelings of security, love and trust. A lot of the time you will hear that all the sex happens in the “honeymoon” stage only to take a backseat later in life. Although this can definitely happen, many adults find ways to carry on, if not improve, their sex lives over the years.  

Here are 3 ways to start the process of changing your sex life.  



  1. Talk about it. This is quite a subjective topic. There is no magic number about how many times per week. Couples have reported being satisfied with once a month to seven times a week. It just depends on you both as a couple which is ever more the reason to talk out loud to the other about it. If you feel like you are not having enough of it, you need to be willing to openly discuss it. Be specific. “Honey, I am not really feeling satisfied with our sex life. I would like if we could do it more often.” Also feel free to share desires, requests, etc with your partner. Being able to share these feelings can help get things back on track.  
  2. Make the time. There is no denying that life can get busy. And sometimes you are too exhausted at the end of the night to even think about sex. However, if you put in the effort to make time in the morning, on your lunch break, etc, things can begin to change. Planning a specific day(s) is another way to ensure there is time. This sounds unnatural to a lot of people, they often ask “How do I know if I will be in the mood every Wednesday night?” The truth is you won't know- but by making a habit out of it, it will become natural again. Also, that is what foreplay is for.
  3. Analyze your role. Think about in what ways you can change to make your sex life better. It can be anything from dressing in a little less clothing to setting the alarm clock a little early in the morning. Sometimes there are simple behavior changes we can implement to make big improvements.