The Happiness Advantage Part I

As promised, here is the first chapter of The Happiness Advantage explained and summarized.  

                                        The Happiness Advantage Principle 1 
                How happiness gives your brain and your organization a competitive edge.

Main Points

  • When we are happy, when our mindset and mood are positive = we are smarter, more motivated and thus, more successful 


  • Broaden and Build theory:  
    • Positive emotion = more broadened focus = more creativity, more thoughtful, more open to ideas
    • Negative emotion = narrows focus   

                     So, if the happier we are, the more successful we are:
                                   lets find ways to improve our mood

1. Meditate:

2. Find something to look forward to

  • Even anticipating a vacation or a night out can stimulate pleasure centers in your brain 
  • Check out this post to find fun things to do around Austin 

3. Commit conscious acts of kindness

  • Our moods improve when we do a favor for a friend or just helping out a stranger
  • For example, pay for a stranger's coffee or offer to help a friend with babysitting 

4. Infuse positivity into surroundings

  • Our environment affects our mindset, find one that allows you to be positive
  • Turn off the depressing news when you get home and instead watch a comedy or get out an take an evening walk 

5. Exercise

  • Exercise has been shown to work as efficiently in decreasing depressive symptoms as both therapy and antidepressants. However, exercising is a skill that has shown to have longer lasting effects as compared to the use of antidepressants 
  • Running, walking, skipping, yoga, kayaking- anything that gets your body moving for 45 minutes a day. 

6. Spend money on experiences  

  • Using money to buy you experiences such as concerts, vacations or dinners have a longer lasting 'happiness' effect than just buying material items 
  • No matter what the budget, put something on your calendar that you and your partner or friends will enjoy

7. Exercise a signature strength  

  • We experience an increase of positivity when we use a skill we are particularly good at. 
  • Look at this post to find more information about character strengths 

Stay tuned for the next principle: Changing your performance by changing your mindset