Mind Over Medicine

The other day I was listening to The Model Health Show: Nutrition | Exercise | Fitness | Health | Life – a podcast that discusses all the aforementioned topics. This specific episode had an interview with Dr. Lissa Rankin, physician and writer of the Mind Over Medicine, a book that discusses the mind's ability to heal the body. In other words, the book is all about mind over matter and just how you can harness that ability to heal yourself physically and emotionally. 

I absolutely encourage you to listen to the podcast but if you don't have the time- here is one topic they hit on

The Placebo Effect

Did you know that 80% of patients who receive a placebo pill rather than the actual pharmaceutical have the same symptom relief? 

Research shows that as long as patients have positive belief + nurture and care, their body will begin to heal itself even in cases involving incurable diseases. 

Now what does this have to do with counseling? 

First, it shows the power of the mind. When you open your mind to the belief that you can feel better, you can heal, you can become that person you have always wanted to- that in and of itself can be a catalyst for change. 

I have seen many times, people who begin counseling with a small sliver of hope that things can change for the better. That little bit of positive belief combined with what therapy provides, space and support for the client, can lead to extraordinary emotional growth. As counseling continues, the positive beliefs become magnified leading to even more progress. 

Our perception is reality; if you believe you can feel happier and more complete, chances are you will. 

Stay tuned for another post inspired by this podcast.