Making a Murderer: A Response

I think it's safe to say most everyone has heard or watched the Netflix 10 part documentary series following Steven Avery's case(s) in Manitowoc County. People who have watched all say the same thing; how angry and sad the story makes them. Personally, each episode gets harder and harder for me to watch especially knowing that both Steven and Brendan are still living out this nightmare.  


This entire series has me thinking about a couple things.  

                  Why do we feel so connected to this story?

                  How can we really help?

Feeling Connected

It's so easy to feel pulled in by this story because it appeal to us in every possible way; ethos, logos, pathos.  

Ethos: an appeal to ethics, character and credibility
Logos: an appeal to logic and reason
Pathos: an appeal to emotion

We know Steve & Brendan's cases have not been handled ethically, nor have Manitowoc's executive branch acted in {entirely} ethical or credible ways.  

Logically we can see what mistakes were made and who made them. We see the errors but haven't seen consequences placed on those who deserve it which leads to.....

EMOTIONAL REACTION. Our hearts hurt for this whole family. We can feel the unfairness and the injustices. We can feel or imagine what it might be like to actually live through this. Our mirror neurons have completely attached to what we see on screen; a misunderstood, undereducated family doing everything they can to right this wrong.  

How to Help

It's hard for me personally to know how to help. I think that is the worst feeling of all; feeling a little hopeless and powerless. I can sign petitions, refresh reddit a million times a day but it's not enough.  

That brings me to why I'm writing this post.  

I'm urging you to think about how you can help another individual(s) who needs it however big or small. I think it's time that we start supporting each other more. Not just supporting your friends or family, but those outside your bubble. I know this doesn't fix what is happening to the Avery's but it adds positivity to the planet.  

If you know someone who needs lower cost Counseling, I have opened up several sliding scale spots. Also, Capital Area Counseling is an amazing resource here in Austin offering counseling sessions from $10 to $55. Please contact me for details.