Food and Mood

In the previous post, I wrote about how mood affects our eating habits. This post I'll be writing about new research that indicates a two way interaction. By that I mean, not only do our moods effect what we eat but what we eat effects our moods.

In a Penn State research study, there was a correlation found between mood and food. Specifically, our moods are negatively impacted when we chose to eat foods high in calories, sodium, and saturated fat. Furthermore, this effect can last up to two days after the meal. In other words, what I eat on Wednesday can effect my state of mind until Friday. 

More research about the link between mood and food found people's moods were more positive when they ate vegetables and fruits the day before. So if I ate those food groups on Wednesday, I would have an elevated mood until Thursday.  

Of course there are limits to this research. There are a lot of independent variables to consider. Also, I am not suggesting to never eat foods high in sugar or sodium because let's face it, sometimes we need a meal like that. It however is interesting to consider what impact our food may have on our mood.  

Here are 9 Foods that can boost mood and energy levels: 

  1. Salmon- Supports healthy brain function
  2. Mushrooms- Contain Vitamin D which stabilize the brain's neurotransmitters  
  3. Tart Cherries- Promote healthy sleeping patterns  
  4. Maca Powder- Balances hormone levels, decreases cortisol, increases stamina, libido, and strength  
  5. Grass-Fed Butter- Butter sounds counter intuitive however, grass-fed butter has been shown to increase energy levels, speed up metabolism and reduce blood pressure  
  6. Raw Organic Cacao- Aids in weight loss and increases energy
  7. Chia Seeds- Rich in fiber which helps to maintain regular digestion  
  8. Coconut- Supports the immune system, thyroid gland, nervous system, and skin  
  9. Spirulina- Improves your body's ability to absorb nutrients (especially when it comes to iron deficiency) and increases energy  
  10. Goji Berries- Helps your visual system, increases libido and immune system function