One Simple Way to Increase Your Productivity

The last post was a quiz about your productivity IQ. In other words, how much are you able to get done and with how much effort? There are a ton of ways to improve your productivity which I'm sure you have heard of. For example, making check lists, turn off the television and put the cell phone away to reduce distractions, take brakes etc etc. 

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This post however is about one of the simplest ways to improve your productivity. Not often talked about is the power of music to impact our attention, mood, and productivity. 

Below are some facts about music

  1. Type of music can affect our energy levels: Music with higher beats per minute are associated with more productivity and higher energy. This is why you don't often hear ballads during a spin or exercise class.
  2. Music with no or little lyrics = the highest productivity: instrumental or classical music allows your mind to fully engage the task at hand. Both classical (Baroque style tunes) and instrumental (anything from movie scores to electronic music) has a beats per minute that revs the brain up to optimal functioning, leading to enhanced mental performance.
  3. Music can perpetuate your mood: We tend to listen to sad music when we are upset, resulting in longer 'down' periods. Reverse is true when we are happy. So next time you are feeling blue, try to pick more upset melodies.

Whether you are at work with headphones, cleaning out your closet, doing homework or exercising, try to apply the facts outlined in this post. You may find that you will get more items checked off your list and improve you productivity IQ!