7 Healthy Morning Habits

I found this article written by Krista Butler about starting your day off right. A lot of times our day can be thrown off when we wake up feeling completely rushed. We wake up in a hurry, down some caffeine, then head out the door to sit in rush hour traffic. Instead of having these types of mornings, wake up a little earlier than normal (even if that means going to sleep early) and try to implement these 7 habits.

1. Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up. If you want extra digestive benefit, drink it hot and with lemon. 

2. Go without email and social media for an hour. (Probably one of the most difficult points on the list but it will help you center yourself) 

3. Think about what you are grateful for. 

4. Go outside and relax while enjoying your morning coffee or tea.

5. Find some movement whether it is stretching, walking your dog or watering the garden. We get stiff when we sleep so getting the blood and oxygen pumping to the muscles will help wake up your body and mind. 

6. Eat (or drink) breakfast. If you like a big breakfast, go for it. Or if you rather have a smoothie, that's okay too. Find what works best for you and your body. 

7. Say your affirmations. What makes you happy to be you? Start your day off with positive thoughts about yourself. (I know this sounds corny but just try it)